Turning knots into bows

Every organization has to deal with complex processes, that need to be managed in order to keep many balls in the air at the same time. In order to execute this well, it is important to gain insight into these processes. At Bizziq, we can help you get a hold of things, take the driver’s seat and implement improvements. We do this by unravelling a tangle of internal and external data into useful information. Our approach is simple: we analyze existing processes and search for both creative and structural improvements and solutions.

What we do

At Bizziq, we advance data in information. We can offer you efficient solutions and help you implement tools to gain insight in and derive value from your data, so you can make well informed business decisions.

Getting the right tools for your trade

Turn your data into information. We enable organizations in gaining insight based on data. This support can range from the unlocking of data to defining and deploying KPIs and dashboards. From our experience with this complete chain, Bizziq can identify the best and most efficient solutions and help getting them into business. We are very familiar with BI-tools like PowerPivot or Cognos and have implemented them at organizations Europe-wide. We can also support the transition to new ERP packages through data mining.

Changing the game

Review your existing processes from a fresh and creative angle and change what is necessary only. Existing processes often result from a mixture of standards, the past and the present organizational culture.

Reviewing how to organize these processes is unavoidable in the long run, often leading to a redesign. At Bizziq, we are happy to give advice and support in reviewing these processes and subsequently reorganizing them from a creative and innovative perspective. We are also believers of predictive maintenance: if your processes don’t need to be renewed, but there is room to improve reliability and cost-effectiveness, we like to think along with you about setting up new processes within an existing structure. For example, we can set you up with a software system for training (aimed at educating large groups of people over a short period of time), monitoring tools to review and optimize your processes, or assist your process development of new business branches.

Putting your business on the map

Whether you need an analysis to give you more insight into your existing markets or tools to develop new ones, at Bizziq we can visualize the business opportunities your data has to offer.

See the bigger picture
Visualize where your activities are located and where your opportunities lie. By visualizing data in the right way, for example in a map, unexpected insights can arise. There is a wealth of information available that you can combine with your own data. From travel times to demographic data based on zip codes. There are telematics sensors measuring data in thousands and thousands of individual devices, for instance cars or mobile phones. At Bizziq, combining these data so they become valuable is exactly what we are good at.

For example:

  • Analyses supporting take-over processes (NMA?)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Travelling time optimizations

Predict purchasing behavior
Get to know your existing customers and find out from which customers you benefit most. Based on internal and external data, we can determine which customer segments you serve and what your market penetration rate is. At Bizziq, we can also specify which segments are most profitable and where you can still obtain more results. We can detect new market segments by combining your data in a smart way.

For example:

  • Customer segmentation for different companies
  • Implementing market development tool, including monitoring / reviewing
  • Optimization of marketing activities by data mining before and after (such as trade fairs)

Location is everything
Discover the best location to open your new branch. At Bizziq, we have developed a special model that we use to link internally available and externally obtainable data in an advanced way. The outcome is a complete scenario-analysis, not only indicating where you could best open a new branch, but also how much revenue you could earn and how to bring in that revenue. Want to get started on obtaining the calculated expected revenue right after opening? We can set you up with an end product, including specific customer lists with contact details, that will enable you to focus on market development. This is a great example of how we prefer to work: thinking of integral solutions that are implemented into concrete action plans.

For example:

  • Expanding the number of branches (from a situation with existing branches to additional outlets)
  • Relocation analysis (is it wise to move a branch and if so, where to go?)
  • Location choice for central logistics centre

How we operate

Our Vision

We create value by sharing. At Bizziq, we do this by making a one-off valuable contribution to a permanent (or structural) solution for your organization.

Our Purpose

To make intelligent open solutions that are great, to develop ourselves and our projects and to grow further as successful and self-sustaining entrepreneurs while doing this.

Our Story

At Bizziq we are driven by a single idea. To use our talents to make elegant and beautiful open solutions. Business Intelligence can be a complicated matter. So we develop solutions that deliver exceptional value and are easy to use, even for complex problems. One size does not fit all, so whether it is an analysis of your existing markets or tools you need to develop new ones, we love to come aboard your organization to help you integrate analytics into your business. Every day we try to make things better, to improve people’s lives. We aim for excellence in all we do.

We turn knots into bows

At Bizziq, we love juggling things around to create new possibilities. Helping you find a balance between strategic thinking and valuable implementation. We support you taking control over your data and advancing from data to decision-making. Business Intelligence specialists Tom van den Heuvel and Loes van Kessel want to help you by letting your data speak for itself.

Our Values

We believe in making great combinations. Creativity and entrepreneurship. Data and sense. We try to achieve these combinations by doing business in a friendly and transparent manner.

Tom van den Heuvel
Much of the work that we execute is a lot like the projects that I have carried out on a payroll over the past years. But through the variety of knowledge that is contributed by all those involved with Bizziq, more and more creative new solutions arise.
The slogan “1+1 = 3″ has never been more true for me than right now. Acquiring knowledge is fun, but sharing knowledge is amazing!

Loes van Kessel
It never ceases to amaze me that the solution we develop with our customers eventually turns a knot into a bow. It gives me a lot of satisfaction not only to think along conceptually but also to contribute practically to the processes our customers go through. The solutions we offer have learning as their focal point and enable our customers to go forward independently. But I find it just as important that at Bizziq we get to develop ourselves and our projects from the valuable contribution of all those involved.

How can we help you?